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Platinum $1,048.60 $3.20
Palladium $1,443.51 -$0.80
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Affiliate Program

The BullionMax Affiliate Program
We’re one of the fastest-growing precious metals dealers in the U.S. with our own dedicated stock, our own warehouse, and ecommerce platform all up and running. BullionMax is probably the easiest, most profitable partnership you’ll find anywhere in the precious metals industry. Every month, you’ll get a check for every paid order you refer -- it’s just that simple. 

Precious metals have never been hotter, and a lot of dealers are running out of stock constantly. We have a whole warehouse absolutely loaded with gold and silver, ready to pack and ship. If you want to get in on the gold rush, here’s how you can get started for free today.

Here’s how to get started
Sign up for the program here. Once we receive your completed application, a real human will look over your qualifications. Heck, they might even give you a call and shoot the breeze. We vet our partners stringently because it saves a lot of time in the long run. 

Here’s why: we understand the value of our partnerships and we take the long-term view with each new affiliate. Even though our margins are even thinner than other precious metals dealers, we keep an eye on the big picture. You’re working to recruit new precious metals investors (and that’s a life-long pursuit). You deserve to be rewarded accordingly. 

Once we complete our due diligence on your application, if you’re accepted, we’ll welcome you on board. 

I’ve got traffic. How do you help me make money?
We have a library of creative: emails, graphics for banners or social media, copy -- everything you need. And if you need something special, just ask. We’ll get our staff to put it together for you. 

Monitoring your success
From within the affiliate portal, you can keep an eye on your data, detailing every step of the process from first click to verified sale.

Join for Free Today
Don’t hesitate -- sign up today. It only takes a few minutes, and you’ll get all the tools you need to get up and running, and turn your qualified traffic into money in the bank. 

Sign up here now!

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