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Platinum $1,024.10 $2.60
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Gold: the Slowest Risk Money Can Buy
Is gold really a risk-free investment? Financial analyst Nick Maggiulli explored two types of financial risk, fast and slow. Let's see what this perspective reveals about the risks and rewards of investing in gold…
Surging Silver Demand Highest Since 2015
Exceptionally strong demand from manufacturing has boosted silver demand over 1 billion ounces for the first time in years. Today, we take a look at the market for silver and try to understand just how much silver's price may grow in the months ahead...
The Role of Tangible Assets in an Inflated World
"Next year, you're really going to start to feel it. It will be a tough year. There is a whole generation that has never been in an inflationary environment. And I think it's going to be shocking. You're going to see inflation really getting its teeth..."
Buy Bullion Now? Three Experts Weigh In
It's always a good time to buy gold bullion! Of course WE say that, because we sell gold. So don't listen to us - listen to these three long-time market insiders who all make individual, and very compelling, cases for buying gold today…