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English Black Death-Era Gold Coins: the Leopard and the Noble
Edward III tried to get medieval England to stop using silver pennies in favor of his gold coins: leopards, helms and nobles. Here's how that went...
U.S. Mint Delays Releases, Lowers Per-Household Limit from 25 to 3
The U.S. Mint keeps trying and failing to handle record demand. This time they're blaming "bots" and responding by lowering the per-household limit from 25 to 3 for quite a range of popular products. What are they thinking?
What's an Assay, and Why Is "Assay Packaging" Important?
Nobody's going to say no to a gold or silver bar, as long as the metal's authentic. That's the problem, though, isn't it? You can't just eyeball a bullion bar, weigh it in your hand, and know for sure it's 0.999 fine gold or a gilded tungsten counterfeit. That's where an assay comes into play…
The 2021 Global Mint Supply Crunch
Whoever thought that the bullion supply shortages of 2020's pandemic-fueled buying frenzy as an outlier were just plain wrong. Over the past four months, we've seen report after report of mints worldwide selling out…
America the Beautiful Silver 5 oz. Coin Series: Great Coins That Tell Great Stories
Perhaps because America has so many beautiful landmarks, or because Congress takes them so seriously, the 5 oz America the Beautiful silver coins turned out to be one of the U.S. Mint's biggest challenges to date. Here's why these coins almost didn't get made at all...
Britannia, the U.K. Royal Mint's "Other Woman"
When you look at a coin from the U.K. or its members of the Commonwealth of Nations, the first woman you're likely to see is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She's been the Queen of the U.K. and Commonwealth since 1953. But there's another woman whose image has appeared on English coins for nearly 2...