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Some Things We Didn't Know About the Gold Market
Don't understand how the gold price reacts to economic news? Well, that's because the gold market is both huge and has very low turnover. That leads to some interesting and unexpected effects...
Quantitative Eagling: Treasury Department’s Secret Weapon to Shatter the Debt Ceiling
Worried about the debt ceiling? Don’t be. Turns out there’s a loophole in mintage laws that could allow the Treasury to mint platinum coins of any denomination for deposit. $1 trillion mega-eagle, anyone?
"Spend All You Want, We'll Print More!" & Other MMT Fallacies
Stop me if you've heard this: MMT argues that, because the government creates money, it can never run out of money. Government can never go broke. Just print more! There are just a few small flaws with this theory…
Why Buy Gold? A Swiss Perspective
Every day, Swiss citizens are buying physical gold bullion in growing numbers. What's their motive, though? Turns out this European nation has a very American concept of personal financial responsibility…
Selling Precious Metals? Ask Why, Not When
Anyone who owns physical gold or silver knows, you can always sell it for cash. If you need to. We buy gold and silver from individual investors every day. But first, we ask two questions…