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Platinum $1,034.40 $4.60
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All About Johnson Matthey
Johnson Matthey is a refiner with a storied history going back over 200 years. People who want Johnson Matthey metal often only want Johnson Matthey metal. It's developed a strong cult following over the years, and many were devastated when it exited the gold and silver trade in 2014.
What's Hot in the World of Coin Collecting
A new monarch for the UK, an interesting new discovery in Canada's past....let's dive into some of the exciting things going on in coin collecting today.
The Non-Existent Link Between the Dollar and the Price of Gold
People like to speculate about the relationship between the price of the US Dollar and the price of Gold, but is there an actual relationship? Let's explore the global factors that could impact both and the reasons for gold's current price.
The Perth Mint's Changing Designs
The Perth Mint produces many great and iconic series of collectible coins from it's Kangaroos to its Lunar New Year coins, but one of the most fascinating (and collectible) aspects of these series is that the designs update every year.
Silver Squeeze: A Coming Silver Rally?
There's a silver shortage, and as mints and industries struggle to find silver, what could this mean for collectors and investors?