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How Much Does a Gold Coin Weigh?
It’s true – some one ounce gold coins actually weigh more than an ounce. Sounds weird, right? Today, we’ll explain how much gold coins really weigh, and better yet, why…
U.S. Gold Coins – An Introduction
There’s more to modern U.S. gold coins than just American eagles and the spectacular gold buffalo. Did you know the first modern U.S. gold coin was considered a flop? Or that the buffalo was a direct competitor to the Canadian maple leaf?
What’s the Best Silver to Buy? 2022’s Hottest Silver Coins & Bars
Lately we’ve been getting a ton of customer inquiries, asking, “What’s the best silver to buy?” Today we’re going to pull back the curtain and tell you which silver coins and bars are the most popular among our customers. We’ll let the wisdom of crowds answer this question for us!
How Gold and Silver Perform During Recessions
We look at eight recessionary periods in U.S. history since leaving the gold standard to evaluate gold and silver prices during rough economic times. The short version is, both gold and silver almost always outperform during recessions. The longer answer is, well, longer…
How Gold’s Price Fares During Rate Hike Cycles
Everybody knows that, when interest rates go up, gold goes down. It’s a widely accepted belief that just so happens to be completely wrong…
Why Would Your Government Want Your Gold?
Why, really? It has its own bullion reserves. According to officials, gold isn't all that and currencies are vogue. So why would governments ask citizens for their private gold?