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Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Father of America’s Gold Coins
Meet the man behind the design of the American gold eagle – and find out why it took years for the U.S. Mint to actually produce the first gold eagle coins…
Amidst Record Sales, U.S. Mint Can’t Make Enough Top-Selling Coins (Again)
U.S. Mint’s March sales were up 73% vs. February (and February had strong sales already). So what’s hot at the U.S. Mint? It’s an easy question to answer, because they publish their production and sales figures. Let’s take a look…
U.S. Gold Coins – An Introduction
There’s more to modern U.S. gold coins than just American eagles and the spectacular gold buffalo. Did you know the first modern U.S. gold coin was considered a flop? Or that the buffalo was a direct competitor to the Canadian maple leaf?
Quantitative Eagling: Treasury Department’s Secret Weapon to Shatter the Debt Ceiling
Worried about the debt ceiling? Don’t be. Turns out there’s a loophole in mintage laws that could allow the Treasury to mint platinum coins of any denomination for deposit. $1 trillion mega-eagle, anyone?
U.S. Mint Delays Releases, Lowers Per-Household Limit from 25 to 3
The U.S. Mint keeps trying and failing to handle record demand. This time they're blaming "bots" and responding by lowering the per-household limit from 25 to 3 for quite a range of popular products. What are they thinking?
The 2021 Global Mint Supply Crunch
Whoever thought that the bullion supply shortages of 2020's pandemic-fueled buying frenzy as an outlier were just plain wrong. Over the past four months, we've seen report after report of mints worldwide selling out…