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Platinum $991.10 -$1.50
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Who Buys Bullion? You’d Be Surprised…
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about who buys gold bullion. Today we dig into the data figure out who really buys bullion these days, and the answers may surprise you…
Platinum: The Other White Metal
Any bullion investor worth his gold dust knows about the gold-to-silver ratio. It measures how many ounces of “the white metal” silver it takes to buy an ounce of gold. But what if we were to tell you that silver isn't the only precious metal that has been going for bargain prices for uncertain rea...
How to Buy Bullion Online: A Beginner's Guide
We get a lot of questions from first-time precious metals shoppers about how to buy bullion. Gold or silver? Coins or bars? We get it. Bullion investment these days can feel daunting. You want to make sure you're making the right choice. Here's how…
What's an Assay, and Why Is "Assay Packaging" Important?
Nobody's going to say no to a gold or silver bar, as long as the metal's authentic. That's the problem, though, isn't it? You can't just eyeball a bullion bar, weigh it in your hand, and know for sure it's 0.999 fine gold or a gilded tungsten counterfeit. That's where an assay comes into play…