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Perth Mint's Silver Opal Lunar Coins Are Like Nothing We've Ever Seen
Perth Mint strives to stay at the cutting edge of innovation compared to other government mints. (Really, only the Royal Canadian Mint comes close.) Recently we discussed the silver lunar coins series. Now, let's take it to the next level…
Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated, or Bullion: Which Coin Is Right For You?
The first thing that most first-time gold buyers notice when browsing coins: the same coin is listed repeatedly, with quite different prices (even if they come from the same mintage). Sometimes we get polite emails pointing out our "mistake" in pricing. Sometimes not so polite.
Biggest Coins Ever
Anyone with any numismatics experience can tell you that a small coin can fetch a massive price. Antique coins whose diameter measures in millimeters can fetch prices of between $100,000 and $1 million. But we aren't here to talk about small coins with high price tags. We're here to talk about the ...