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Assets to Own in a Sentiment-Driven Market
A review of the global macroeconomic environment has led to experienced analysts to agree on one thing: you need gold. Here’s why…
The Only Solution to Stop the Incoming Depression? It Requires New Physics...
As far as ideas to fix the American economy go, this one’s pretty much a non-starter. Until the Large Hadron Collider can produce a stable Einstein–Rosen bridge enabling mass time travel, at least. However, we were able to glean one interesting tidbit from this Nobel Prize-winning economist’s “good...
How Gold and Silver Perform During Recessions
We look at eight recessionary periods in U.S. history since leaving the gold standard to evaluate gold and silver prices during rough economic times. The short version is, both gold and silver almost always outperform during recessions. The longer answer is, well, longer…
Investing like Ray Dalio
Billionaire hedge fund rockstar and all-around smart guy Ray Dalio says cash is trash, nobody should own bonds and the stock market's a joke. On the other hand, here's what he says about gold…
"Spend All You Want, We'll Print More!" & Other MMT Fallacies
Stop me if you've heard this: MMT argues that, because the government creates money, it can never run out of money. Government can never go broke. Just print more! There are just a few small flaws with this theory…