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Goldman Sachs Recommends “Gold: Time to Buy the Defensive Real Asset”
Many expected gold to post a new all-time high last year, which would have made two in a row. Alas, it didn't. Gold finished the year around $1,800, lofty but not as high as die-hard gold bugs wanted. Cue disappointed music? Not just yet – here’s why…
Who Buys Bullion? You’d Be Surprised…
There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about who buys gold bullion. Today we dig into the data figure out who really buys bullion these days, and the answers may surprise you…
Our 2022 Forecast for Gold & Silver
Price forecasts for any assets can be tough. Big banks, with their teams of hundreds of highly-trained analysts, get it wrong a lot more often than not. Instead of a forecast, here's an overview of the current state of the precious metals market. What's ahead for gold and silver?
Bullion in a Weird Year: 2021 in Review
The year's winding down, and in between shipping last-minute holiday orders, we've been putting together our thoughts on the year as a whole. The short version: What a weird year…
How to Buy Bullion Online: A Beginner's Guide
We get a lot of questions from first-time precious metals shoppers about how to buy bullion. Gold or silver? Coins or bars? We get it. Bullion investment these days can feel daunting. You want to make sure you're making the right choice. Here's how…
Gold: the Slowest Risk Money Can Buy
Is gold really a risk-free investment? Financial analyst Nick Maggiulli explored two types of financial risk, fast and slow. Let's see what this perspective reveals about the risks and rewards of investing in gold…
Buy Bullion Now? Three Experts Weigh In
It's always a good time to buy gold bullion! Of course WE say that, because we sell gold. So don't listen to us - listen to these three long-time market insiders who all make individual, and very compelling, cases for buying gold today…
Saule Omarova Wants Your Money on Deposit at the Federal Reserve
Omarova, Biden's nominee for head of the government's bank regulation office (OCC), published a manifesto advocating complete government control over the economy. How is this a serious candidate for any public office?