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Hedging Against Inflation, Disaster & the Federal Reserve
With inflation this high, why isn’t gold’s price rising, too? Inflation is about the only thing the U.S. has plenty of right now! The real answer to this question will surprise you…
The Government Loves Inflation More Than It Loves You
There's a reason everyday folks like you and me hate inflation. It costs us money. Despite their hand-waving and promises to fight back, did you know that, for our government, it's the opposite? Here's why…
Supply Chain Snarls Snag Santa's Sleigh
It's official: the White House officially announced Americans should expect empty shelves and higher prices this Christmas season. We dig a little deeper to find out what's really going on…
Who's Paying the Inflation Bill?
The Federal Reserve's "wealth effect" promotes higher asset prices, which causes both inflation and increased economic activity. Today we look at who benefits most, and least, from this policy…
The Federal Reserve Doesn't Understand Inflation
A new Fed white paper casts doubt on the Fed's understanding of the basic mechanisms of inflation. If they don't even understand this, how much more could they be wrong about?
"Spend All You Want, We'll Print More!" & Other MMT Fallacies
Stop me if you've heard this: MMT argues that, because the government creates money, it can never run out of money. Government can never go broke. Just print more! There are just a few small flaws with this theory…
Confusing Money and Wealth
We spend a lot of time talking about inflation, and how the dollar’s buying power slowly erodes over time. That’s a really hard concept for some people to grasp. So I'm trying again...
Inflation Messaging Isn't the Problem
If you’re in the market to buy gold today, you’re probably concerned with inflation. You’re certainly not alone. But don’t worry -- our leaders have a plan to fix it. Sort of...