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What Silver Stackers Loved in Q4 of 2022
Image © Lane Erickson
Nothing like a little hard data to highlight market trends, right? Here are our most popular silver products, the stuff silver stackers couldn't get enough of, in Q4 of 2022...
What Is a Silver Coin, Really?
A newcomer who wants to buy silver bullion can and will be misled by silver rounds. It’s easy to understand why! Today we discuss the difference between silver rounds and silver coins, with a deep dive into how coins get made…
What’s Hot in the World of Gold and Silver Coins
Why are there 2023 coins with both Queen Elizabeth II AND her heir King Charles III? Welcome to the BullionMax “What’s Hot” weekly report…
Chibi Silver Coins for Sale – What Will They Mint Next?
When we first launched this website, I made a solemn vow to myself: “I will never sell a coin with a cartoon character on it.” On the other hand, supply must meet demand. We sell what our customers want. And so my vow is broken, and BullionMax joins the chibi silver coins craze…
Gold and Silver Coins Make Incredible Gifts for All These Occasions
The perfect gift is symbolic, thoughtful and valuable. These are exactly the characteristics that make both gold and silver coins outstanding gifts for a surprising number of occasions…
May 15 Silver Raid – Here’s What We Learned
On May 15, BullionMax saw a silver raid. It took a while, but we finally got all the shipments out the door. After the dust settled, I sat down to figure out the hottest silver products among hardcore silver stackers…
Which Old Coins Are Made of Silver?
Yes, American coins used to be made of silver (just like dollars used to be made of gold). Just look at the denominations of these old silver coins and you can actually see the concept of “money” drifting farther and farther away from “value”…
What’s the Best Silver to Buy? 2022’s Hottest Silver Coins & Bars
Lately we’ve been getting a ton of customer inquiries, asking, “What’s the best silver to buy?” Today we’re going to pull back the curtain and tell you which silver coins and bars are the most popular among our customers. We’ll let the wisdom of crowds answer this question for us!