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How Modern Gold Coins Are Made
For all the modernization that mints have seen, the production of gold coins is similar to the methods of a century ago…
Amidst Record Sales, U.S. Mint Can’t Make Enough Top-Selling Coins (Again)
U.S. Mint’s March sales were up 73% vs. February (and February had strong sales already). So what’s hot at the U.S. Mint? It’s an easy question to answer, because they publish their production and sales figures. Let’s take a look…
U.S. Gold Coins – An Introduction
There’s more to modern U.S. gold coins than just American eagles and the spectacular gold buffalo. Did you know the first modern U.S. gold coin was considered a flop? Or that the buffalo was a direct competitor to the Canadian maple leaf?
The American Eagle One Ounce Silver Proof Coin: A Closer Look
The American eagle one ounce silver proof coin has been America’s favorite proof silver coin year after year. Let’s take a closer look and see whether we can figure out why…
Bullion in a Weird Year: 2021 in Review
The year's winding down, and in between shipping last-minute holiday orders, we've been putting together our thoughts on the year as a whole. The short version: What a weird year…
U.S. Mint's July News
Seems like there's been a ton of news from the U.S. Mint recently, so we thought we'd take the time to get you all caught up. Here's the most recent news from the U.S. Mint...
U.S. Mint Delays Releases, Lowers Per-Household Limit from 25 to 3
The U.S. Mint keeps trying and failing to handle record demand. This time they're blaming "bots" and responding by lowering the per-household limit from 25 to 3 for quite a range of popular products. What are they thinking?
The 2021 Global Mint Supply Crunch
Whoever thought that the bullion supply shortages of 2020's pandemic-fueled buying frenzy as an outlier were just plain wrong. Over the past four months, we've seen report after report of mints worldwide selling out…