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2021 1/10 oz American Eagle Gold Coin Type 1

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Product details

The 1/10 oz American gold eagle type 1 offers the perfect opportunity to get started with gold investing or gold coin collecting without breaking the bank! These fractional coins usually have a higher premium over spot pricing that reflects the cost of manufacture (because it takes about the same amount of effort for the U.S. Mint to make a 1 oz or a 1/10 oz coin). 

These 1/10 oz American gold eagles type 1 make fantastic (and affordable) gifts, too. 

The 1/10-oz American Gold Eagle features Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ Lady Liberty on the obverse side and Miley Busiek’s eagles and nest on the reverse. Each coin is 22-karat pure gold with a nominal face value of $5. The obverse side will see a new eagle design (type 2) from Q3 onwards to mark the 35th anniversary of the coin.

The 1/10-oz American gold eagle, like all the coins of this series, consists of a durable alloy made of 91.7% gold, 3% silver, and 5.3% copper. The alloy, called crown gold, is more resistant to wear than 23-kt or 24-kt gold. Though crown gold was originally chosen because it held up very well to daily use for circulating coinage, it makes the gold eagle well-suited to long-term storage.

About the American gold eagle program

The U.S. government guarantees the weight and purity of all American eagle coins, and purity is the same for all weight classes. Investors may use American gold eagles in select IRAs, making them a valuable addition to any retirement plan.

The U.S. Mint at West Point has minted these coins since 1933, after initially minting them in Philadelphia. The new design (Q3 2021) will feature anti-counterfeiting measures on the obverse side.


Coin Features:

  • Final issue of the classic, 35-year American eagle design (and the first issue of the updated obverse starting Q3 2021)
  • Nominal face value of $5
  • 22-karat (0.9167) gold purity
  • This coin offers the most affordable exposure there is to the iconic American Gold Eagle series.
  • The weight and purity of American Gold Eagles are guaranteed by the US government.
  • Q3 2021 redesign will feature anti-counterfeiting measures.
Product specifications
SKU 1262922032
Metal Gold
Purity 0.9167
Product Type Coin - Bullion
Year Minted 2021
Mint U.S. Mint
Country United States
Mint type Government
Weight 0.1 oz
Thickness 1.19 mm
IRA Eligibility Yes
Face Value/Denomination $5
Obverse Design Augustus Saint-Gaudens
Reverse Design Miley Busiek
Edge Design Reeded
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