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Platinum $992.40 -$2.20
Palladium $1,929.50 -$0.70
Live Spot Prices:
Gold $1,822.10 -$5.90
Silver $23.04 -$0.03
Platinum $992.40 -$2.20
Palladium $1,929.50 -$0.70
More metals
Platinum $992.40 -$2.20
Palladium $1,929.50 -$0.70

50 g Valcambi Gold CombiBar BU (50x1g with Assay)

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Product details

Valcambi’s 50 g gold CombiBar™ is a fantastic and practical innovation from one of the world’s leading gold refiners. The 50-gram CombiBar™ is slightly larger than a credit card and is pre-scored rather like a chocolate bar. This gold bar can be easily broken down into 50 individual 1 gram bars for convenient trade and barter. Each individual gram bar has its own Valcambi logo on the obverse side, along with the weight, purity, and serial number of the bar. The reverse side of each bar is inscribed with the mint’s name.

It’s brilliant. Valcambi solved a significant pain point of owning larger gold bars, how to make them practical for barter situations. A CombiBar™ gives you the flexibility of owning smaller units of gold while retaining the lower premium over the spot price you’d pay for  50 individual gram bars of gold. This allows investors to spend, trade, or gift precise quantities of gold when needed (without worrying about keeping track of or storing 50 loose gold bars).

The CombiBar™ is minted in 0.999 fine gold.  Each CombiBar™ is protected with plastic assay packaging to prevent wear and includes directions on how to segment the CombiBar™ correctly, without loss. As such, these bars are in high demand, with a market composed of collectors and investors of precious metals.

About Valcambi Suisse

Valcambi Suisse manufactures all the gold bars used by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse, a leading bullion bank and a member of the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA). The CombiBar™ is on the LMBA’s list of Good Delivery, an internationally recognized seal of approval in the bullion market. Valcambi Suisse is a highly reputable gold refiner, and the gold bars they manufacture are eligible for purchase within a precious metals IRA.

Bar features:

  • Eligible for entry in a precious metals IRA, allowing investors to plan for retirement
  • Divisible into fifty 1-gram bars of high quality 0.999 fine gold, each with an individual brand, weight, purity, and serial number
  • Lower premium on the spot price of gold than when purchasing 50 individual 1-g gold bars
  • An excellent opportunity to use gold as currency in precise amounts
Product specifications
Product TypeBar
Mint typePrivate
IRA EligibilityYes
Dimensions70 x 50 mm
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