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1 oz Donald Trump Silver Round

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These 0.999 fine silver are proudly Made in the USA by Ohio-based Elemental Mint. Each highly-detailed Trump silver round is bullion grade and makes a great way to buy silver bullion for your collection. There is no question that Trump fans would love to see the star of The Apprentice’s face on real silver – and here it is! Ain’t capitalism grand? 

This Donald Trump silver round makes a great gift for anyone who loved him as a president and anyone who’d love to see him back in office. (They also make a great birthday gift for your left-leaning friends – just imagine the look on their faces when they unwrap the gift box…) 

The obverse side shows President Trump as pictured during his swearing in as president. His right hand is lifted as he takes the oath of office. Every president with few only a couple exceptions, put their left hand on a bible and raise their right hand and swear “”I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This design has great detail and they even captured his trademark hairstyle. ‘DONALD J. TRUMP’ is above the image. At the bottom right is 45th PRESIDENT (an indisputable fact!)

1 oz Donald Trump silver round highlights:

  • Proudly minted in the USA from 1 troy oz of 0.999 pure silver by Ohio-based Elemental Mint
  • Makes a perfect gift for MAGA friends (or foes!)
  • A fitting tribute to 45th President Donald Trump
  • Obverse pictures Donald Trump as he was sworn in as the 45th President of the U.S.
  • Reverse displays a close up view of the front of the White House
  • Brand-new, fresh-from-the-mint Brilliant Uncirculated condition

Why aren't you calling this a Trump silver coin? 

In the numismatics and precious metals world, the word "coin" has a very specific meaning. In order for a disc-shaped piece of silver to be considered a coin, rather than a round, it has to meet at least one of these two criteria: 

  • A silver coin must be at least authorized by, if not minted by, a sovereign nation who is able to declare it legal tender (this is a requirement)
  • Nearly all silver coins have a face value in the currency of the sovereign nation that issued them (occasional exceptions apply: Krugerrands and British sovereigns are two examples of official coins that lack a face value)

Since this Trump silver round isn't authorized or minted by a sovereign nation, and it doesn't have a face value, it doesn't meet the technical definition required to be a Trump silver coin. 

Colloquially, like if you don't collect or sell precious metals for a living, a coin and a round are more or less the same thing. You've heard of "challenge coins," right? They're metal discs. They're shaped like coins, but because they lack sovereign authority, aren't legal tender and don't have a face value, they aren't coins. At least, not in a numismatic sense. 

Call this a Trump silver coin if you want to, okay? I can't call it a Trump silver coin because I have to follow the customs of the industry. (And if I know anything about Trump, he'd be insulted if it had less than a $1,000,000 face value. That would've been a tough sell with U.S. Mint...)

If we flip this question on its head, we get another odd insight into the precious metals world... What if a sovereign mint issues a coin without a face value? Is it still a coin?

And weirdly I know the answer! But it's a little complicated. 

Even though Krugerrands don't have a face value, they are legal tender. Their value is based on the current spot price of gold. Theoretically, you could buy a newspaper and a pack of gum in Johannesburg or Pretoria with a Krugerrand. The shopkeep would need to look up the spot price of gold and then give you a fat stack of paper money as change. 

Even though British sovereigns never had a face value when used as circulating currency or since, they're valued at £1. Somehow, everyone just knew this (???) so the face value was never added to the coin. The gold British guinea coin didn't have a face value, either, and was valued at £1/1s or 21 shillings in the old predecimalized system. 

Now, if, say, U.S. Mint makes, oh, a 1 ounce silver disc-shaped U.S. Air Force commemorative that doesn't have a face value, then it's not a silver coin. U.S. Mint calls these "medals," presumably to distinguish them from silver rounds that can be minted by anyone. (Other mints call their coin-shaped non-coins medallions, or tokens, or sometimes just rounds.) Ultimately, U.S. Mint can only make the silver coins Congress authorized them to create. If they go off on a wild hare and make something else, it can't be an official coin. It has to be a silver medal or silver round, or something else. 

Whew! So that's why this isn't, technically, a Trump silver coin. 

Product specifications
Metal Silver
Purity 0.999
Product Type Round
Year Minted Random
Mint Elemental Mint
Country United States
Mint type Private
Grade BU
Weight 1 oz
Thickness 3 mm
Certificate of Authenticity false
IRA Eligibility Yes
Dimensions 39 mm
Face Value/Denomination None






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