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Palladium $1,937.50 $7.30
Live Spot Prices:
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Silver $22.98 -$0.08
Platinum $993.90 -$0.70
Palladium $1,937.50 $7.30
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Platinum $993.90 -$0.70
Palladium $1,937.50 $7.30

2014-W 1 oz Burnished American Eagle Silver Coin (Type 1)

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Product details

The U.S. Mint’s burnished American silver eagle combines collectible appeal with striking beauty. If you’re not familiar with the terminology here, “burnished” eagles are widely considered to be between proof and brilliant uncirculated quality. That doesn’t tell the whole story, though!

Burnished silver eagles often have a lower mintage than both their bullion and proof counterparts. They also bear the mintmark of their issuing mint (in this case, “W” for West Point). 

The 2014 mintage of burnished silver eagles was limited to 253,169 which makes them more desirable to collectors. 

Apart from the special burnished finish (more on that below), these American silver eagles have the familiar art you know and love: Adolph Weinman’s Walking Liberty on the obverse, the heraldic eagle of the U.S. on the reverse (which we must remember to call the Type 1 design), all minted in 0.999 fine silver. 

Each coin comes in its own velvet-lined presentation box as pictured, with a certificate of authenticity. 

About the burnished finish

The U.S. Mint uses specially burnished blanks, known as planchets. By the way, “burnished” means polished, or shined to a particularly lustrous finish. The polishing process gives the pre-minted blanks a particularly noticeable glow, easily distinguished from standard bullion coin blanks. After lovingly prepping the planchets for minting, each one is fed by hand into a coin press, one by one. 

The result? A satiny, matte finish quite distinct from the mirror-bright shine of a proof silver eagle. (The difference is easy to see if you hold a proof and a burnished silver eagle side-by-side.) Burnished coins are not struck multiple times like proof coins. We’re not entirely sure they need to be… You know how a proof coin reflects light and can seem almost blindingly bright under intense light? Burnished coins are a lot more mellow. They seem to absorb illumination and glow with it. For this reason, the fine details of the coin’s design are (in our opinion) easier to appreciate. 

The U.S. Mint released its first burnished silver eagle in 2011 to celebrate 25 years of production. This 2011 mintage came from the San Francisco Mint and feature its “S” mintmark. Since this initial release, we’ve seen occasional mintages of burnished silver eagles. Oddly the U.S. Mint does not use the term “burnished” to distinguish these special coins from their “Uncirculated” counterparts. 

Key features of the 2014 burnished American silver eagle:

  • Strikingly different, mellow burnished finish very different from proof and bullion coins
  • Limited mintage of only 253,169 coins makes this a must-have for collectors
  • In original U.S. Mint velvet-lined presentation box with certificate of authenticity
  • Classic silver eagle design and style in 0.999 fine silver
  • A must-have for silver eagle collectors!
Product specifications
Product TypeCoin - Fixed Mintage
Year Minted2014
CountryUnited States
Mint typeGovernment
Weight1 oz
Certificate of AuthenticityYes
Face Value/Denomination$1
Edge DesignReeded
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