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Silver Canadian Twin Maples

The Canadian Gold Twin Maples coin is a government-backed coin created in Canada and minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. This 1/4 ounce pure gold coin is a derivative of the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin. First created in 2017, it is both a commemorative coin and a bullion coin fit for investment.

The Canadian government backs this coin as legal tender. Investors and numismatists alike value this coin as a popular commodity, and it is purchased as both a collectible and a diversifying investment around the world. Owners can enjoy adding the bullion coin to their portfolio and deepening their collection of Canadian Maple Leaf coins, each of which feature precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium.


The first coin in Canada's Maple Leaf series of precious metal bullion coins was released in 1979: the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin, which was one of the first 24-karat gold coins backed by a major government. It wasn't until 2017, nearly 30 years later, that the Royal Canadian Mint commissioned and created the 1/4 troy ounce gold coin, which is the Canadian Twin Maples Gold coin. While this coin is a recent development, it has inherited a rich history of collectibility from other gold coins in the series and a focus on Canada's most nationally recognized symbol, the maple leaf.


The Canadian Twin Maples Gold coin is valuable in many different contexts. First, the coin is legally recognized tender backed by the Canadian government. Its value is $10 as legal currency. Second, the coin is valuable as a precious metal bullion coin due to its content of 99.99% pure gold. Each coin has 1/4 troy ounces of this purity of gold. While it can be difficult to assess the value of any gold coin over time due to the changing value of 99.99% purity gold on the market, the coin's market value generally outstrips its value as currency.

The market, or material value, makes the Canadian Twin Maples a good investment for diversifying your financial holdings. As a general rule, the market value of gold complements the rise and fall of stocks on the market. By diversifying through investments in gold bullion coins to offset stock holdings, investors can protect their wealth from a wider range of market shifts. Also, because the gold in the Canadian Twin Maples coins has a purity of 99.99%, it qualifies as an allowable investment in Precious Metals Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), which provide investors with tax benefits.[1]

Numismatists can gain additional value from adding the 1/4 troy ounce gold coin to their collections. They add depth to any collection of Canadian Maple Leaf coins, which come in four different types of metal and different denominations. By adding a Canadian Twin Maples Gold coin (or multiples) to your collection, you can dramatically increase the value of the entire set. These coins have a fixed mintage, so their value as a collectible increases as demand increases. Because each coin also features the year it was minted on the reverse side, collectors can deepen their collection with coins from each year of production.


The Canadian Twin Maples Gold coin features a similar design to the original Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin. Like its predecessor, it features a profile engraving of Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse side. This face also features a thick, non-serrated border around its edge. The words 'Elizabeth II' encircle the top half of the coin and '10 Dollars,' the face value of the coin, is set around the bottom edge of the obverse side.

On the reverse side, there is a centered engraving of two sugar maple leaves on a single stem, one layered slightly over the other and both featuring fine detailing and veins. Celia Godkin designed this engraving. This reverse side has a thick, solid border that's identical to the obverse side. The border along the top half has 'Canada' and the year of issuance engraved on it, and the bottom half of each coin says 'Fine Gold 1/4 Oz Or Pur.' Both the top and bottom text overlay a ridged circular border. These radial lines are an added layer of complexity that makes the coin more secure against the risk of counterfeiture. The purity of the gold ” 9999, or 99.99% ” is slightly above the prominent sugar maple leaf centered on the reverse side. The initials of the designer are in the bottom right corner of the central image, just under the smaller sugar maple leaf.

The Royal Canadian Mint uses an extensive variety of engraving and production processes to create each coin. The images are finished with a reverse proof finish that provides textured contrast. The images of the sugar maples leaves and the text show up nicely against the frosted gold background. The leaves are also finely textured so they resemble the look and feel of real leaves. Not only does this attention to detail add to the beauty of the collectible coins, but it acts as an additional protective measure against counterfeiting. [1]

The Canadian Twin Maples Gold coins are separate from the 1/4-ounce Gold Maple Leaf coins. These coins also feature 1/4 ounces of 99.99% high-purity gold, however, they feature a single maple leaf on the reverse face and have a different textual layout displaying the purity of the gold.

Canadian Twin Maples Gold coins are an excellent investment for coin collectors and individual investors. Collectors, investors, and hobbyists can each enjoy the value that comes from owning these 1/4-troy-ounce high-purity gold coins. They are simultaneously an entry-level gold coin collectible for new numismatists and a serious precious metal investment for individuals who want to diversify their portfolios. The coins also showcase the natural beauty of Canada's plant life and the technological strides made in the world of coin engraving and anti-counterfeit security.

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