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Platinum $1,047.40 -$19.80
Palladium $2,496.00 -$40.20

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Coupon codes are a hassle, so instead get started with the special offers below. Remember, we already charge the lowest reasonable price so we can’t offer promo codes if we want to stay in business. 

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Why it’s so darned hard to find a BullionMax promo code?

Here at BullionMax, we don’t really use promo codes. That’s part of our “No BS” shopping experience. We really hate it when we’re shopping online and do a coupon code search and have to copy/paste a dozen different sets of gibberish into the “put your coupon code here” box, because they never work and it’s so frustrating. 

Instead of sprinkling a few dozen coupons or promo codes across the entire Internet and forcing our customers to waste their time tracking them down, we just charge the lowest reasonable price we can on everything we sell. 

This isn’t a swap meet or a pawn shop. We’re not here to haggle. The price is the price. No nonsense, no gimmicks. 

Do you ever offer coupon codes or special prices?

Once in a blue moon, BullionMax will publish a coupon code for folks on our email list. That’s also where we announce all limited-time offers, flash sales, warehouse clean-out events and so on. 

So if you insist on a promo code before buying, the best way to get one is to sign up for our newsletter. 

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