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Welcome to BullionMax, where you can learn more about collecting and saving gold coins. We cover some other stuff too – mostly gold and silver – and we think about things like economic trends. After all, we’ve been through one recession and we’re going through another one right now.

Based out of LA, we’re a group of hobbyists that want to “meet” without the hassle of scheduling, and who have realized that keeping our knowledge to ourselves does nothing. The “core four” – Mike, Bill, Steve, and Ron – of us have known each other since childhood when we used to spend all of our time together being complete rascals. Now that we have careers and families and kids*, it’s harder to enjoy our hobbies.

Hopefully, by sharing our interests, we can get other people interested, too, and connect with enthusiasts around the world. Get excited about coins with us, and get your own gold rush!* Steve and Ron have two kids in college who just LOVE to help out, so you might hear from them from time to time. We are all grateful because Olivia and Ben keep our site going.

Thanks guys!