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Platinum $1,075.10 $4.80
Palladium $2,117.50 -$75.40

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BullionMax: Dealer Pricing on
Precious Metals Essentials


For years now, the team behind BullionMax has been the go-to wholesaler for dozens of precious metals retailers. We've watched our old-fashioned industry change. Instead of phone calls and handshake deals with folks we know and respect, there's a jungle of websites selling the same products in our warehouse at a hefty markup. Enough is enough.


BullionMax offers only the most essential products at a shockingly fair price. There’s no middleman markup. Since we’re shipping right out of our warehouse, we’re the last people to run out of stock. We treat you right because that’s the way we do business. Enjoy no-nonsense buying with the lowest pricing anywhere – the way it ought to be.

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Why BullionMax




Lowest reasonable prices. We buy at wholesale prices and pass the savings on to you.



We keep it simple. We only offer the essentials of precious metals investing.

No-BS buying. You’re busy so we won’t waste your time with distracting nonsense.