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What Is a Sovereign? All About the British Sovereign Gold Coin

Today we highlight the intriguing history of the British gold sovereign coin, minted annually for some 200 years – and celebrate a new Perth Mint proof release…

Why Experienced Precious Metals Buyers Often Choose Perth Mint First

Perth Mint makes some of the world’s best gold and silver coins. They made the world’s biggest gold coin. They regularly make 10 kilo coins (nearly 353 oz)! But that’s not why they’re arguably the world’s best mint…

Reconsidering the Gold Standard

The gold standard did many very good things very well. Ending the gold standard effectively removed all spending limitations on our government – and if there’s no constraint on making new money, why would the government ever stop?

May 15 Silver Raid – Here’s What We Learned

On May 15, BullionMax saw a silver raid. It took a while, but we finally got all the shipments out the door. After the dust settled, I sat down to figure out the hottest silver products among hardcore silver stackers…

JPMorgan CEO Predicts An "Economic Hurricane"

Record high inflation, economic slowdown, surging food and energy prices… Jamie Dimon is worried, as well he might be, by today’s economic situation. When red flags abound, what’s an everyday American to do?

Best Gold Coins to Buy: May 2022 Update

BullionMax customers know the best gold coins to buy. Here are our customer-picked best gold coins for investment in 2022…

Digital Gold or Physical Gold?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are sometimes called “digital gold.” They aren’t – but you can spend them as if they are…

How Modern Gold Coins Are Made

For all the modernization that mints have seen, the production of gold coins is similar to the methods of a century ago…

Meet the Goldback – Physical Gold You Can Actually Spend

How can we use gold as more than just a store of value? Today, it’s easier than ever to buy gold, but how do we pay with gold? The team behind the Goldback have figured this out…

Which Old Coins Are Made of Silver?

Yes, American coins used to be made of silver (just like dollars used to be made of gold). Just look at the denominations of these old silver coins and you can actually see the concept of “money” drifting farther and farther away from “value”…