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"Spend All You Want, We'll Print More!" & Other MMT Fallacies
Stop me if you've heard this: MMT argues that, because the government creates money, it can never run out of money. Government can never go broke. Just print more! There are just a few small flaws with this theory…
Why Buy Gold? A Swiss Perspective
Every day, Swiss citizens are buying physical gold bullion in growing numbers. What's their motive, though? Turns out this European nation has a very American concept of personal financial responsibility…
Selling Precious Metals? Ask Why, Not When
Anyone who owns physical gold or silver knows, you can always sell it for cash. If you need to. We buy gold and silver from individual investors every day. But first, we ask two questions…
Gold is "Portfolio Insurance," Says Swiss Bank UBS
Between 2013 and 2015, Goldman Sachs seemed to delight in talking down gold's price while buying large quantities. Now, two of Switzerland's biggest banks, Credit Suisse and UBS, have some interesting takes on gold...
50 Years Off the Gold Standard Has Bought Us This
Few groups like timelines as much as gold investors. And why not? Gold is the one asset that doesn't disappoint over time. The same can't be said of, well, much else…
Confusing Money and Wealth
We spend a lot of time talking about inflation, and how the dollar’s buying power slowly erodes over time. That’s a really hard concept for some people to grasp. So I'm trying again...
Dalio Says Buy Gold, Cramer Says Buy Gold Now
When it comes to buying gold, Ray Dalio's definitely been consistent with his message, telling investors there is no such thing as a wrong entry point for gold. CNBC's Jim Cramer, on the other hand, believes some entry points are better than others, and that August is shaping up to be an optimal on...
Inflation Messaging Isn't the Problem
If you’re in the market to buy gold today, you’re probably concerned with inflation. You’re certainly not alone. But don’t worry -- our leaders have a plan to fix it. Sort of...
Proof, Brilliant Uncirculated, or Bullion: Which Coin Is Right For You?
The first thing that most first-time gold buyers notice when browsing coins: the same coin is listed repeatedly, with quite different prices (even if they come from the same mintage). Sometimes we get polite emails pointing out our "mistake" in pricing. Sometimes not so polite.
Biggest Coins Ever
Anyone with any numismatics experience can tell you that a small coin can fetch a massive price. Antique coins whose diameter measures in millimeters can fetch prices of between $100,000 and $1 million. But we aren't here to talk about small coins with high price tags. We're here to talk about the ...