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Is Gold Money? Dollars, Credit and Gold Explained
“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” This quote comes up a lot – it’s from the legendary banker James Pierpont Morgan, whose 1912 Congressional testimony contained this gem. What did he mean?
Junk Silver Coins & Alternatives for Silver Stackers
Have you heard of junk silver coins? Despite the somewhat derogatory name, you might actually want to add some to your silver collection. Here's a quick look at junk silver and alternatives that might make sense as an investment option.
What Factors Influence the Price of Platinum?
The price of platinum hasn't tracked consistently with gold, but why? What are the unique influences that affect the prices of platinum and of palladium? Let's look at the history of platinum regulation, valuation and industrial usage.
The Past, Present and Future of Gold
Nothing has fundamentally changed about how we value and trade precious metals, and yet a lot has changed. What will the future hold for gold as new tech like cryptocurrency shifts the landscape of currency?
Is It a Good Time to Buy Gold?
Some people go on and on about entry points when it comes to investing in gold. When is the right time to buy? The gold market isn't speculative like stocks, but the price does change which has some investors looking to time the market. Is this a valid look at gold investing or a fool's errand?
American Eagles: No Monarchs Here
The American Eagle is perhaps unique in keeping with the Founding Father's principles when it comes to money: nobody should stamp their face and personal authority onto our coins. Coins around the world still feature monarchs, but the American Eagle only features symbols of America herself.
Seems Like the Whole World Wants to Replace the Dollar
Several countries are united behind the idea of a shared currency, but one that isn't the US dollar. What might this mean for the price of the dollar, and will this replacement currency be backed by gold or oil?
Bullion vs Numismatic Coins: Which Is Right for You?
Let's take a look at the difference between bullion coins and numismatic ones. While collectors may be adamant about one or the other, it's up to individual investors to decide what works for their portfolio.