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Platinum $991.90 -$2.70
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Live Spot Prices:
Gold $1,822.80 -$5.20
Silver $23.04 -$0.03
Platinum $991.90 -$2.70
Palladium $1,934.00 $3.80
More metals
Platinum $991.90 -$2.70
Palladium $1,934.00 $3.80

1/4 oz Australian Florin Gold Coin, 2021

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Product details

The 1/4 oz gold florin is a new bullion coin released by the world-famous Perth Mint, in honor of the very first florins minted in Australia 100 years ago. Way back in 1344, England's King Edward III ordered the first florins minted to further confuse England's traditional monetary system of at least 11 different denominations based on 240 pennies per pound sterling. Over the centuries, the florin spread across the world and was recognized virtually everywhere. Then, in 1963, the British gave up on their traditional and idiosyncratic coinage and adopted a more reasonable 100-pennies-per-pound standard. Unfortunately, this rendered some truly wonderful coins obselete overnight. 

Perth Mint has rescued the florin from the dustbin of history and released a fully-modern gold bullion coin. And what a coin it is!

The 2021 Australian 1/4 oz gold florin, up close and personal

The obverse side features the first Australian Commonwealth Coat of Arms, depicting an emu and a kangaroo on a grassy mound propping up a shield underneath the star of the Australian Federation. The shield bears the Cross of St. George on the front along with five stars representing the Southern Cross constellation by which settlers used to navigate the seas towards Australia. This is the same design first minted on Australia's florins way back in 1911.

The reverse side of the coin shows Jody Clark’s instantly-recognizable fifth portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, once called "the new definitive Britannia." This portrait shows an aged but regal monarch wearing the King George IV diadem and the Diamond Jubilee earrings, as she would when addressing Parliament.

Each coin is struck with 0.9999 fine gold and is valid as legal tender in Australia with a face value of AU$25. These coins have an unlimited mintage and come sealed in a protective acrylic capsule to prevent wear from handling and storage. 

At a quarter of an ounce, these gold florin coins are small, highly portable, and present excellent opportunities for bartering in precise measurements. They also offer investors more flexibility than larger coins or bars when it comes to diversifying investments, allowing you to acquire multiple different gold coins or other assets to hedge against risk. At the same time, a 1/4 oz coin comes at a lower premium to the spot price of gold than coins of smaller fractional weights like 1/10 oz American eagles. 

With its interesting history, arresting art and compact size, the 1/4 oz Australian gold florin is sure to become a prized part of any coin collection. This coin isn't available just anywhere, look around and you'll see. So if you have your eye on this gold florin, we strongly recommend you avoid disappointment by ordering right now.

About the Perth Mint

The Perth Mint has been in operation since 1899, two years before the Federation of Australia was founded. The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), a highly influential group of bullion banks and refiners, recognizes the Perth Mint as a Good Delivery List refiner, an internationally recognized seal of approval among bullion investors. The mint exports $18 billion AUD in precious metals to investors every year. 

An investment in physical gold offers protection against the risks inherent in paper-based gold or even physically-backed gold ETFs. If you buy gold coins, the ownership of that physical gold is yours alone. Your assets aren’t vulnerable to “tracking errors” that occur when spot prices and paper-based gold prices diverge, nor could they be hacked or erased in a computer system. You also have the pleasure of storing your gold personally if you wish, holding your coins in your hands, and showing them to friends and family. The aesthetic beauty of gold is not to be underestimated, and this is particularly true for gold coins with superb designs such as this 1/4 oz gold florin.

Coin Features:

  • A design that combines a 600-year-old unit of currency with a century-old design from Australia’s first florin and a modern obverse
  • 1/4 oz coin of 0.9999 fine gold by one of the world’s most respected government mints
  • A fractional weight suitable for bartering and diversification
  • An unlimited mintage creates a liquid market and easy access to these coins
  • Perth Mint’s international reputation and LBMA accreditation ensures that the gold is of excellent quality, and the coin’s design world-class
Product specifications
Product TypeCoin - Bullion
Year Minted2021
MintPerth Mint
Mint typeGovernment
Weight0.25 oz
Thickness2.3 mm
IRA EligibilityYes
Dimensions20.6 x 2.3 mm
Face Value/Denomination$25
Reverse DesignJody Clark
Edge DesignReeded
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