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Platinum $992.50 -$2.10
Palladium $1,929.50 -$0.70
Live Spot Prices:
Gold $1,821.60 -$6.40
Silver $22.99 -$0.07
Platinum $992.50 -$2.10
Palladium $1,929.50 -$0.70
More metals
Platinum $992.50 -$2.10
Palladium $1,929.50 -$0.70

2020 1/4 oz Australian Striped Marlin Gold Coin

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Product details

The obverse side of the 0.25-oz gold Australian Striped Marlin shows a side profile of Queen Elizabeth II. The weight and gold content are also shown, along with the nominal face value of $25 AUD. Of course, the actual value of the coin is much higher.

On the reverse side, we can see a stunning depiction of a striped marlin leaping from the textured waves beneath it, its sharp bill and dorsal fin both piercing through the circular design enclosing the rest of the image. This is a rather subtle bit of design that results in a strikingly vivid, three-dimensional coin. The marlin seems to be surging right out of the water, off the face of the coin itself. This is, without a doubt, the best depiction we’ve seen of any fish on a gold coin. The design will draw you in, over and over. It’s truly a thing of beauty. You’ll be forgiven if you don’t notice the letter P is also engraved on this side of the coin, the mintmark of Australia’s Perth Mint.

Each coin is struck in 0.25 troy ounces of 99.99% pure gold. The small weight offers many interesting opportunities not possible with heavier coins. At this weight, coins can more easily be used for barter, with investors able to provide exact change or trade in precise amounts. These coins also make excellent gifts (especially for deep-sea fishing enthusiasts!).  The smaller weight offers a more affordable entry price to the market than heavier gold coins.

These coins are fully backed by the Australian government and valid as legal tender within Australia. This adds a layer of trust when dealing with potential buyers, and the gold Australian Striped Marlin is popular among investors (and with only about 75,000 minted, this coin isn’t exactly common either). Those interested in storing their own gold holdings will also find that the coin’s small size is well-suited to compact storage.

Coin features

  • Exceptionally low weight offers high divisibility and compact storage
  • 0.25 troy ounces of 0.9999 fine gold
  • Fully backed by the Australian government and valid as legal tender
  • Beautiful, dynamic image of Australia’s native Striped Marlin breaching the surface of the water

*We pack individual coins in plastic sleeves for protection before shipping. If you order 10+ of the same coin, we’ll secure them in protective tubes before shipping.

Product specifications
Product TypeCoin - Bullion
Year MintedRandom
MintPerth Mint
Mint typeGovernment
Weight0.25 oz
IRA EligibilityYes
Face Value/Denomination$25
Obverse DesignSusanna Blunt
Edge DesignReeded
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