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Platinum $991.90 -$2.70
Palladium $1,927.50 -$2.70
Live Spot Prices:
Gold $1,822.10 -$5.90
Silver $22.99 -$0.08
Platinum $991.90 -$2.70
Palladium $1,927.50 -$2.70
More metals
Platinum $991.90 -$2.70
Palladium $1,927.50 -$2.70

1 g Valcambi Gold Bar (In Assay)

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Product details

The Smallest, Lowest-Cost Gold Bar Regularly Produced

Valcambi Suisse’s 1-g gold bar is the smallest bar offered by the acclaimed Swiss refinery. Just like their big brothers, each bar features the mint’s logo on the obverse side along with details such as weight, gold content, and a unique serial number for the bar. 

The reverse side bears the name of the mint inscribed in raised letters on a blank gold background. Each bar is 99.99% pure, meaning the bar is made of 0.9999 fine gold. 
These bars have an unlimited mintage, making them affordable and easier to purchase than rarer items. 

Valcambi Suisse packages each bar in a protective casing, preventing damage and reducing the need for costly or inconvenient appraisals. Also, considering how truly small these 1 gram bars are (nano SIM-card sized, or about half the size of a postage stamp, easily covered by a penny) the packaging makes the gold much easier to handle.

The 1 gram gold bar is the smallest offered by Valcambi Suisse, which also sells finely manufactured bars up to 1 kg. While larger bars provide lower premiums over the spot price of gold, these smaller bars offer a much lower-priced entry point to investing in physical gold. In addition, Valcambi’s 1-gram bars grant the lowest price point and the highest degree of flexibility regarding diversification. Those who purchase gold bars as potential barter items often include several smaller sizes in their collections because it’s incredibly difficult to make change in a barter situation. 

These bars are eligible for purchase within a precious metals IRA, allowing you to plan for retirement while investing in a physical, tangible asset not subject to the risks associated with banking systems or digital assets.

Whether as a unique and intriguing gift for family members, “small change” in your gold stockpile, or your very first piece of physical gold bullion, the 1 gram Valcambi gold bar is a great place to start.


About Valcambi

Legendary refiner Valcambi Suisse has been producing top-quality gold bullion for over 150 years. Valcambi manufactures all the gold bars used by Credit Suisse, a major Swiss bank and a significant figure in the global bullion market. Valcambi bars are of such high quality that they are featured on the Good Delivery list approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), a group responsible for many of the rules and standards that apply to the world’s gold trade.

Bar features:

  • Lowest-cost point of entry into precious metals investing available from Valcambi
  • Each bar contains a single gram of 0.9999 fine gold
  • Valcambi bars are on the COMEX and LBMA lists of Good Delivery, both internationally recognized seals of approval for high-quality gold
  • Eligible for purchase in a precious metals IRA
  • Sealed in protective packaging to prevent wear and maintain value over time
Product specifications
Product TypeBar
Year MintedRandom
Mint typePrivate
Weight1 g
Thickness0.55 mm
IRA EligibilityYes
Dimensions8.5 x 15 mm
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