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Platinum $994.70 $0.10
Palladium $1,933.00 $2.80
Live Spot Prices:
Gold $1,822.50 -$5.50
Silver $23.03 -$0.04
Platinum $994.70 $0.10
Palladium $1,933.00 $2.80
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Platinum $994.70 $0.10
Palladium $1,933.00 $2.80

2021 1/10 oz American Eagle Gold Coin Type 2

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Product details

After 35 years, the 1/10 oz gold American Eagle coin has undergone an exciting new redesign called the Type 2 (to distinguish it from the classic Type 1 design). The obverse side shows Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ famous Walking Liberty design showing the lady herself striding toward the viewer with rays of sun shining behind her. She bears a torch and a laurel branch in either hand, the Capitol Building seen off in the distance. This design has been refreshed based on Saint-Gaudens’ original sculptures and designs to improve its clarity and better reflect the artist’s original vision. The changes are subtle, and you might not notice them at first. Until you turn the coin over...

The reverse design is totally new. Starting in July 2021, these Type 2 coins now show a bald eagle profile by Jennie Norris in stunning clarity. Every feather can be seen in minute detail, the piercing eye and hooked beak truly bringing the image to life. The phrases “E Pluribus Unum” and “In God We Trust” are inscribed above, with the artist’s initials shown below.

The Type 2 redesign also includes an updated reeded edge, an anti-counterfeiting measure to improve the security of these coins further. 

These coins are the smallest in the American gold eagle series, presenting the lowest price point in the market. At just 1/10 oz of pure gold, there are more diversification options available when buying these coins, as investors have the opportunity to add more individual coins to their collection at the same price as a larger 1 oz gold coin. Should the need ever arise, the 1/10 oz gold coin is also the easiest to barter with and is more compactly stored than larger coins.

Each coin is struck in 0.9167 fine gold with a nominal face value of $5 (just like the old “half eagle” coins from the early 1900s). The federal government fully backs gold American eagles, and the 1 oz eagle is the official bullion coin of the U.S. 

With 35 years of history behind it, the American eagle coin series is perhaps the most iconic ever released by the U.S. Mint. The redesign has captured the attention of investors and collectors around the world. This may be the only opportunity you have to own both Type 1 and Type 2 gold eagle designs in the same issue year, and demand has been incredible. If you’re a completist, we strongly recommend you act now and add the new Type 2 gold eagle to your collection!

*We pack individual coins in plastic sleeves for protection before shipping. If you order 10+ of the same coin, we’ll secure them in protective tubes before shipping.

Coin features

  • A new and highly anticipated redesign of an iconic coin incorporating both the refreshed original and completely new designs 
  • A fantastic balance between affordability and size make this an exceptional gift
  • Each coin contains  1/10 oz troy ounce of pure gold, minted in 22kt or 0.9167 crown gold
  • New anti-counterfeiting measures in the form of a new reeded edge
  • Perhaps the only year both Type 1 and Type 2 designs will be issued -- a once-in-a-lifetime event for collectors
Product specifications
Product TypeCoin - Bullion
Year Minted2021
MintU.S. Mint
CountryUnited States
Mint typeGovernment
Weight0.1 oz
Thickness1.19 mm
IRA EligibilityYes
Face Value/Denomination$5
Obverse DesignAugustus Saint-Gaudens
Reverse DesignJennie Norris
Edge DesignReeded
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