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250mg North American Mountain Lion Aurum® Gold Note

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The 250 mg North American mountain lion Aurum® gold note comes from the five-bill North American Animal series. A modern take on classic themes,this note showcases a graceful yet powerful mountain lion (Puma concolor) and its native landscape, the rugged Sierras of the American west. The blend of photorealistic art layered with advanced anti-counterfeiting features creates a very modern appearance – it’s impossible to see this gold note and not know, instantly, that this is real money!

Multiple levels of micro-printing and additional physical security elements are embedded throughout the artwork for an investment that is both secure and timeless. Like Goldbacks, this Aurum gold note is a single-sided printed piece with full color artwork printed on the obverse and the characteristic, patented “dimensional gold” embossed effect on the reverse, making it easy to authenticate. Each note has an individual serial number for easy verification (essentially, every Aurum gold note serves as its own certificate of authenticity).

All Aurum gold notes are designed to be the most flexible way to acquire pure gold bullion. They’re perfect for stacking or collecting in bulk – and ideal for barter. Every single gold bill Valaurum produces contains a precise and verifiable amount of 0.999 pure, 24k gold protected between layers of durable polymer. You can see the precious metal within each note from edge-to-edge, and it’s fully recoverable using standard fire assay techniques. 

This mountain lion 250 mg gold note is from the new North American Animal Aurum series. The full series includes the North American bison (1 gram), brown bear (1/2 gram), mountain lion (1/4 gram), gray wolf (1/10 gram) and this bald eagle (1/20 gram or 50 mg). 

Valaurum North American mountain lion 250 mg Aurum® gold note highlights:

  • The third-largest gold note in Valaurum’s North American Animals five-bill series
  • Every Aurum contains 250 mg (1/4 gram)  of 0.999 pure gold, fully recoverable
  • Lovely combination of traditional art and multiple layers of anti-counterfeiting technology
  • The most flexible and affordable way to buy gold bullion, beloved by collectors and investors alike 

A closer look at the North American mountain lion gold note’s design

A single mountain lion is shown in profile on the right side of the bill. The background of this note includes California’s Lone Pine State Park, one of the many areas in the mountain lion’s native habitat. A silhouette of the mountain lion’s distinctive track appears in the top right corner while a full body depiction of a lion appears in the bottom left corner of the note. 

The mountain lion, (Puma conolor) is arguably the most successful carnivore native to North America, and roamed both Americas when humans crossed the Bering Strait land bridge 40,000 years ago. Its range stretches from the snowy Yukon Territory of Canada to South America’s Andes mountains – over 110 degrees of latitude! As an ambush predator that’s rarely seen, the mountain lion was regarded with almost religious awe and terror both by Native Americans and early settlers. Like most apex predators, this magnificent animal has many, many names (the most of any animal, according to the Guiness Book of World Records – Claude T. Barnes documented 18 native South American, 25 native North American, and 40 English names for the same animal). The word “cougar” comes from the Portuguese çuçuarana, a term borrowed from the Tupi language. It’s called “puma” in Latin America, a word from the Quechua language. To the Cherokee of the southeastern United States the big cat was Klandagi, “Lord of the forest,” while the Chickasaws called him Koe-Ishto, or Ko-Icto, the “God-cat.” 

In 1500, Amerigo Vespucci was the first white man to sight and record a cougar in the Western Hemisphere. He was far from the last. Eastern settlers lived in fear of the stalking “panther” or “painter” while prospectors prayed they wouldn’t encounter the “catamount” (cat of the mountains). They’re absolutely fascinating creatures!

Okay, back to the note… Three bars in the top left corner indicate that it is the third bill within the series of North American Animal notes. “250” is printed in both top left and bottom right corners in addition to appearing across the background of the note. Lastly, security features throughout the bill have been subtly incorporated within the design for a secure and verifiable gold bill.

What a worthy tribute to this magnificent animal!

Product specifications
SeriesAurum North American Animals
Product TypeCoin
Year MintedRandom
CountryUnited States
Mint typePrivate
Weight250 mg
Certificate of Authenticityfalse
IRA EligibilityYes
Obverse DesignJake Sepulveda

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