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Live Spot Prices:
Gold $1,791.90 $5.40
Silver $22.62 $0.26
Platinum $974.50 $12.10
Palladium $1,895.00 $4.40
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Platinum $974.50 $12.10
Palladium $1,895.00 $4.40

100 g Valcambi Silver CombiBar BU (100x1g w/ Assay)

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Product details

The CombiBar™ is a unique offering by Valcambi Suisse, one of the world’s most respected and recognized refiners of precious metals. CombiBar™ are incised so that a large bar can easily be broken into pre-portioned, individual pieces, each of which bears all relevant markings. This 100-g silver CombiBar™ is formed of 100 individual 1-gram bars bearing the Valcambi logo on the obverse side, along with details such as weight, purity, and serial number. The reverse side shows the mint’s name inscribed in raised lettering.

The CombiBar™ can be broken down into smaller bars as needed, presenting excellent opportunities for bartering, spending, or simply gifting precise amounts of silver. A CombiBar™ costs less than the cost of purchasing 100 grams individually, making this an extremely flexible product with a relatively low premium to silver’s spot price. You get the benefits of flexibility without the high premiums of smaller-weight purchases. In a world where you find yourself bartering precious metals, having the ability to quickly and easily provide “exact change” is priceless. 

Each bar is 0.999 fine silver or 99.9% pure. The high quality makes these bars eligible for purchase with a precious metal IRA, allowing investors to save for retirement while maintaining the benefits of investing in a tangible asset that cannot be hacked, erased, or censored. Plastic packaging protects from oxidation and provides directions on how to properly separate the segments. 

About Valcambi Suisse

Valcambi Suisse is a world-renowned refiner of precious metals and makes all the metal bars for Swiss Bank Credit Suisse. The bars manufactured by Valcambi are eligible for entry in a precious metals IRA and come with the London Bullion Market Association’s seal of approval, a place on the Good Delivery List. Approval by the LMBA and COMEX make these bars trusted by the precious metals community, leading to a thriving, fluid market.

Bar features:


  • Each CombiBar™ contains 100 1 gram bars of 0.999 fine silver
  • Lower premium on the spot price of silver than when purchasing fractional bars individually
  • Eligible for entry in a precious metal IRA
  • Easily divisible into individual 1 gram bars, making it possible to barter or trade smaller amounts easily
Product specifications
SKU 2862126735
Metal Silver
Purity 0.999
Product Type Bar
Year Minted Random
Mint Valcambi
Country Switzerland
Mint type Private
Grade BU
Thickness 1.4 mm
IRA Eligibility Yes
Dimensions 105 X 73 mm
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