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Silver $22.63 $0.27
Platinum $975.20 $12.80
Palladium $1,896.00 $5.40
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Platinum $975.20 $12.80
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100 oz Britannia Silver Bar (BU)

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Product details

The whopping 100-ounce silver Britannia bar is minted by The Royal Mint in the UK. Each bar contains 0.999 fine silver in brilliant, uncirculated condition. 

The obverse side of the bar features the famous personification of Britain – an engraving of Britannia designed by Jody Clark. The statuesque figure is standing in profile, holding a three-pronged trident in her left hand and a shield adorned with the Union Jack and her name on her right arm. Britannia is wearing an ornate Spartan helmet and scale-patterned armor as she gazes across a background of mesmerizing waves. Jody Clark’s interpretation of Britannia equipped as an ancient Greek warrior reminds us of ancient traditions born in Athens, like democracy. Like silver currency.

The reverse side of the bar features engraved details about the minting and materials of the silver bar. The top of the bar has an engraving of the Royal Mint's logo, a shield split into quadrants and topped with a crown. The reverse side of the bar also declares it is made of "100 oz .999 Fine Silver." The bottom of the reverse face has five waves, and the remainder of the background behind the text features the same waving, rounded lines in the obverse face's background.

With bullion bars, size does matter

Since each of these Britannia bars contains 100 troy ounces of silver, bullion investors can purchase these bars as an efficient way to invest in precious metals. Because of the reduced time and effort required to mint a single 100 oz bar compared to, say, 100 individual 1 oz bars, larger bullion bars are typically available closer to the spot price of silver. On the other hand, larger bars aren’t as flexible in a barter situation. It might be smart to diversify your silver stack with a variety of weights, just in case.

Key features of the 100-ounce silver Britannia bar include:

  • The logo of The Royal Mint, the sovereign mint of the United Kingdom
  • A hypnotic engraving of Britannia designed by Jody Clark
  • 100 troy ounces of investment-grade 0.999 fine silver bullion, the largest Britannia bar made by The Royal Mint
  • Brilliant uncirculated condition, untouched since the moment of packaging
  • Orders of 6 ship in a sealed monster box straight from the mint
Product specifications
SKU 2513734597
Metal Silver
Purity 0.999
Product Type Bar
Year Minted Random
Mint Royal Mint
Country United Kingdom
Mint type Government
Grade BU
Weight 100 oz
Thickness 29.67 mm
Dimensions 132.7 x 78.8 mm
Obverse Design Jody Clark
Edge Design Smooth
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