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2014 1 oz Britannia Lunar Horse Silver Coin

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Product details

The 2014 Horse Privy Silver Britannia is minted in 0.999 pure silver at the Royal Mint and weighs 1 troy ounce. These coins feature the Royal Mint's second privy mark on the rim of a coin. A series of eight horses, symbolizing the Lunar Year of the Horse, are engraved on the coin's edge. This doesn't just make this coin special, it's also far more attractive than the typical reeded edge so often seen in circulation and precious metals coins. 

The obverse of each of these silver Britannias features Ian Rank-Broadley’s famous portrait of the Queen, the "fourth portrait" used in British coinage from 1997-2014. In this image, Queen Elizabeth II is shown wearing a diamond-studded tiara with her name, the phrase D G REG F D, an abbreviation of the Latin Dei Gratia Regina or "By the Grace of God, Queen." The coin's face value, 2£ appears as well. 

The reverse shows Philip Nathan's 1987 portrait of Britannia, the symbol of the British nation, standing watch over her people. She holds a trident in her right hand, Poseidon's weapon, symbolizing the nation's rule over the oceans. Britannia's right hand grips both an olive branch, for peace, and an oblong shield emblazoned with the Union Jack, the British flag. Clearly, she is ready to protect and defend her nation, should the need arise. Britannia gazes over her right shoulder, perhaps out to sea, while a strong shore breeze whips her hair over her shoulder and plucks at her gown. Despite the wind, her sandaled feet are firmly planted on the ground. A Spartan war helmet covers her head, yet the face mask is raised. This in itself is an elegant symbol: Despite her weapons, Britannia prefers peace to war. She will fight if forced to. However, the open helmet assure us she won't be the first to strike. 

Since 2013, silver Britannia coins have been produced in 0.999 fine silver, with a total mass of 31.2 grams and a diameter of 38.6mm. This Britannia, with its unusual privy mark, first featured one year earlier on the 2013 Snake Privy Silver Britannia, the privy marked Britannia coin has become a collector favorite.

  • Second-ever Royal Mint coin with a privy mark on its rim (in this case, eight horse icons) symbolizing the Lunar Year of the Horse
  • A collectible work of art from the world's second-oldest mint
  • A striking design featuring Britannia, poised to defend her nation
  • Mintage of only 1,000,000 pieces
Product specifications
SKU 2513739562
Metal Silver
Purity 0.999
Year Minted 2014
Mint Royal Mint
Country United Kingdom
Mint type Government
Weight 1 oz
Min Gross Weight (g) 31.21
Face Value/Denomination £2
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