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The lowest-denominated U.S.-minted coin, cents have gone through a long and winding journey that began with Benjamin Franklin and led up to today’s design. These coins will continue to hold their value for collectors no matter what the future holds for the coin.
Easily the smallest and thinnest of all U.S.-coins, dimes take their name from a French word for ‘tenth part’. Since 1792 the dime has been used as a unit of currency, and its most recent design is the longest-running in U.S.-history. But what dimes lack in weight they make up for in collectible va...
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Half Dollars
The 50-cent piece is the largest of all coins currently in circulation. But John F. Kennedy wasn’t always the face of the coin, which dates back to 1794. In fact, there are a variety of half-dollar coins that don’t just range in design, but metal composition too.
Its name comes from one of the metals used in its production. But nickels weren’t always made from their namesake. In fact, nickels have more of a diverse history than you might think. And while their current usage might be waning, they are still as popular as ever for their collectible value.
A quarter might not buy you what it used to, but it still makes for a great collector’s item. The quarter dates back to 1796 and leads up to the Washington Quarter that we have today. Furthermore, there are limited edition quarters designed throughout the years that make for a great addition to any...
Silver Dollars
Other coins may have abandoned their silver roots, but not the dollar coin. The silver dollar has been made with the same precious metal for over 200-years. Previous mintings of the coin range from important public figures like Susan B. Anthony, to symbols of peace following World War I.