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Which Platinum Coins are Best to Buy
Platinum coins may not be as mainstream as gold and silver coins, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable as investments in your precious metals portfolio. As a lesser-known option in bullion investing, there are certain things you’ll want to be aware of before buying pla...
Which Platinum Bars Are Best To Buy?
If you’re considering adding platinum bars to your precious metals collection, we’re here to help you choose which platinum bars are best to buy. Let’s walk through what factors you should take into account, some popular options to consider, and how you can actually purchase plat...
Which Silver Rounds are Best to Buy?
As a precious metal, silver often takes a back seat to gold, and that’s a shame. Silver has just as long and illustrious track history of wealth preservation and use as money as gold does!  Silver has a wide variety of applications beyond the monetary: industrial and manufacturing, sola...
Which Silver Coins Are Best to Buy?
Over 2,500 years ago, ancient Persian civilizations used silver coins for trading. Since then, silver coins have been a huge part of nearly every nation’s economy. If you’re interested in purchasing modern silver coins, there’s a lot you’ll want to know to help guide your...
Which Silver Bars are Best to Buy?
Silver bars – which can be produced by a refiner, government mint, or a private mint – are an excellent way to invest in precious metals, especially for investors looking for some of the benefits of buying gold without the hefty price tag. Besides being widely used in the jewelry indus...
What Does BU Mean?
Anyone familiar with coins knows not all coins are created equal. For example, a standard bullion coin is generally far more valuable than any ordinary coinage in circulation. When it comes to valuable coinage, BU coins are rivaled only by proof coins. What does BU mean? BU is an acrony...
Which Gold Bars are Best to Buy?
Gold bars are a popular way for people to invest in the yellow metal and enjoy the security of a physical, transportable asset. For many decades, governments and individual investors alike have enjoyed the benefits of owning gold bars as an investment and a time-honored means of stockpiling tangib...
Which Gold Coins are Best to Buy?
For thousands of years, gold coins have been a currency used within and among nations and cultures spanning the globe. Today, modern gold coins are minted by a number of nations for collectors and investors. Though they’re no longer used in everyday transactions, the modern gold coin collect...