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Palladium $1,895.00 $4.40
Live Spot Prices:
Gold $1,791.90 $5.40
Silver $22.62 $0.26
Platinum $974.50 $12.10
Palladium $1,895.00 $4.40
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Platinum $974.50 $12.10
Palladium $1,895.00 $4.40

1 oz Silver Round

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Product details

A 1-oz silver round is a circular, coin-like type of silver with a status between coins and bars. Technically, a “coin” means a round precious metal object produced by a sovereign mint, that has a face value (even if it’s vastly less than the coin’s precious metals content, like the $1 face value of the American Eagle silver coin), and is legal tender (money). 

Silver rounds look like coins but there are some key differences. Rounds don’t typically have numismatic interest and thus don’t benefit from additional collector value (though there are exceptions). On the other hand, rounds require more effort to produce than bullion bars, and therefore priced at a higher premium over spot than bullion bars. 

Silver rounds have no status as legal tender. Their value is not backed by any government at a certain face value, nor are they minted at a government facility. A silver round’s value is primarily derived from the market value of the silver it contains. 

Our silver rounds all contain a purity level 0.999 fine silver, and a weight of 1 troy oz. Otherwise, well, they’re just whatever we have on hand. They’re produced by a vast number of private mints and refiners, and come in various designs and patterns. Sometimes they’re even ordered from a refiner with custom designs. Other silver rounds are well-crafted, miniature works of art in precious metals. 

Silver rounds are easy to stack for space-efficient collecting and storing. They act as a great store of value and are one of the most cost-effective ways of buying silver (though not as cost-effective as bullion bars). These factors make them a favorite among some hard-money enthusiasts.

  • Each round contains 1 troy oz. 0.999 fine silver
  • Buy these for precious metals value only! Don’t expect to get a rare collector’s item.
  • Incredibly popular among preppers as a barter item
  • Easy to stack and cache
  • Designs will vary based on inventory on-hand when you order
Product specifications
SKU 2193508843
Metal Silver
Purity 0.999
Product Type Round
Year Minted Random
Country Varies
Mint type Private
Grade BU
Weight 1 oz
Min Gross Weight (g) 31.103
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